Winter adventures

Unforgettable winter events!

Enjoy the great outdoors and join us on a unforgettable and unique winter adventure!  The Alps are the the perfect playground for a true snow experience!

Wether you explore an untouched winter landscape on snowshoes, sledge down a thrilling slope or enjoy a romantic candle light fondue in a cozy igloo we guarantee you a great time!

We really want you to enjoy your holiday and to lean back. Therefore we can tailor you an individual holiday package ranging from the organization of a Happy Tracks adventure to a booking of an airport transfer, accommodation etc.

Igloo Adventures with Bonfire

To explore the outoors in the winter is a great and exciting thing to do. A good oportunity for an adventurous and unique day in the snow is to join one of our winter adventures. We combine snowshoe walking with a cool event so that you can enjoy a wonderful day in the nature. Below you can find our highlights to spend an awesome time in the mountains.



Sledding is an fun activity for everyone. Take the opportunity and experience a very rural way of transportation. With a tradition wooden sledge we accept the challenge and ride down a slope / track specially made to sledge. It’s you who has the control about the speed! Take a gentle ride down and enjoy the scenery or feel the adrenaline rush on a racy ride down to the valley. Our sledding adventures are usually combined with a snowshoe walk to approach the departure point of the ride down, but can be completely skipped if you want. We offer sledding in two different locations and as half-day or day trips.


Half-day sledding experience in Trient (Switzerland) including apéro

We pick you up at your accommodation in the Chamonix valley with our minivan and we reach Trient after a short drive. In the picturesque and tiny village center we start our snowshoe hike to approach the start point of the sledge ride. After a thrilling ride down we celebrate the day with a small apéro freshly prepared by your guides. With a nice company we end an exciting day in the snow with mulled-wine on an open fire and stick bread.


Full-day sledding experience in Les Marecottes (Switzerland)

Our full-day sledding program in Les Marecottes combines a nice and scenic train ride to the resort, sightseeing, snowshoe walking, a thrilling sledge ride and a visit in the local mountain animal park. We start the day with a nice and relaxing train ride to Les Marecottes. On our way we explore the beautiful Chamonix valley and the Trient valley in Switzerland. Once we arrive in Les Marecottes we strap the snowshoes to our feet and make fresh tracks in the snow. On our way up to the departure point of our sledge ride we enjoy the beautiful scenery. For those who do not want to walk with snowshoes there is also the cable car option to skip the hike. From the top a 9.5 kilometer long sledding slope is waiting for us! After a sensational ride we take it easy and visit the animal park before we take the train back to Chamonix.

Sledding adventures Switzerland

Full moon snowshoe walk and night snowshoe walk

Who hasn’t dreamt of a romatic walk in the twilight? We make your dreams come true with a fantastic snowshoe walk in the night or even during full moon. Late in the afternoon or early evening we pick you up at our meeting point before we head off to an special snowshoe adventure. We step through the cold and snowy landscape with torches and lanterns for a little while. We light our way through the dark and mysterious forest before we reach a charming setup created by your guides. On an open fire we enjoy handmade mulled wine or tea and you can grill your own stick bread over the fire. After a perfect undertaking in a cosy and charming atmosphere we make our way back down to Chamonix.


Winter Canyoning and abseiling

For those thrillseekers who want to experience a awesome challenge during their vaccation our winter canyoning and abseiling is the perfect opportunity. For those who want to try a scary but unique adventure the winter canyoning is the perfect choice. We take you in an icy and snowy canyon where not many people have been before. Equipped with a harness, a rope and thick winter cloths we plunge into the canyon and explore the deep gorge. If you want to try a little bit less comitting adventure the abseiling is the right thing. We rappel down from a big rock or a high bridge down into the void. Feel the air under your feet and feel the adrenaline pumping trough your venes before you touch the ground happy and excited again.



Geocaching is a new way to explore the outdoors. With this activity you try to find different caches with the use of a map, a GPS device or an avalanche tranciever. Geocaching is the perfect animation for groups, families or incentive events. Equipped with a map, a GPS device and some snowshoes we send you out into the wild fort his great treasure hunt. We hide the caches in great places where you have to find them. But it’s not easy, to succeed you need to unravel a mystery. Once you found all the caches you get rewarded with a surprise.


Igloo adventures

An absolute highlight in our winter program are our igloo activities. We spent many hours to build a real igloo just made of blocks of snow like the Inuit do high up in the north. The only way to approach to our igloo is by snowshoes and it’s a fantastic experience to stay in a real igloo. Our igloo offers space for 8 to 10 people and it’s the perfect location for a nice lunch or dinner. After a nice snowshoe hike we reach the igloo where we eat a traditional fondue in the igloo. Inside the igloo it’s cosy and warm and the seats made out of ice are covered with fluffy and comfy sheep skins. Besides that we also offer cosy and romantic overnight stays in our igloo. The beds and all the furniture is made of ice and snow and it has space for two people. To keep you warm the bed is made up with fluffy and warm sheep skins and a big and warm duvet or sleeping bag.

Cosy Igloo Fondue

Winter adventure and activity week

Do you want to spend an entire week in the great Chamonix Mont Blanc area? Our winter adventure and activity week is the perfect package for an awesome time in the outdoors.

We tailor your individual winter holiday from A to Z including activities and adventures with Happy Tracks, accommodation, airport transfers etc. You can choose the activities you would like to do by yourself or we can suggest you a possible schedule. All the activities can be combined with snowshoe hiking.


Activities which can be booked:

- Snowshoe hiking (half-day or full-day)

- Overnight stay in a mountain hut (winter room)

- Igloo adventures

- Sledding

- Animal park

- Ice skating

- Full moon snowshoe walks and night walks

- Winter canyoning and abseiling

- Winter geocaching

- Sightseeing in the Chamonix Valley

  (Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix town center, Maison de Guides etc.)


Of course we can organize skiing lessons, accommodation in the Chamonix valley, airport transfer, rental of equipment (skis, cloths etc.)


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