Explore the Mont Blanc valley on snowshoes!

Snowshoeing is a great winter activity for everyone! No matter which ability or experience you have, snowshoeing is easy to learn and you do not need much for it.


No matter if you just want to relax, walking through a beautiful winter landscape or if you want to challenge yourself, hiking up on one of the outstanding peaks around the Mont Blanc Valley. We will find the right thing for you! The snowshoes make it possible to walk through deep snow without sinking into it. Therefore we can leave the large, unspectacular forest roads and make our own fresh tracks in the powdery, glittery snow!

Snowshoe Day Tours

Tour du Mont Blanc - Winter Edition

Explore the TMB on snowshoes

Snowshoe Weeks

Enjoy full catered snowshoe and activity week

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The Tour du Mont Blanc is known as one of the most famous and beautiful long distance treks in the world. The trek circles the Mont Blanc and passes through Italy, Switzerland and France.  Although it is usually a summer trek, we have created an unique itinerary to discover the beautiful scenery around the Mont Blanc in the winter time.


Instead of going from hut to hut (summer) we stay in comfortable hotels and Bed & Breakfasts from where we start our snowshoe adventures each day.

Our snowshoe week is a great way to spend a winter holiday in Chamonix. We take you every day out on a new and adventurous snowshoe hike in the beautiful Chamonix Valley and its surroundings.


You will stay in a charming and lovely chalet and we will indulge you with homemade food and traditional kitchen.


Nevertheless it is also a great opportunity if you decide to come to Chamonix for your skiing holidays. We create just the perfect schedule full with activites for the whole of your family or group to satisfy everyones wishes and desires!

Snowshoeing TMB on snowshoes

Snowshoe Day Tours

Day and half-day tours

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Snowshoeing has been around for a long time. It has become to a very popular sport since the last few years. It is a great way to explore the backcountry of the beautiful Chamonix Valley.


However snowshoeing is more than just taking a refreshing plunge in some fresh snow. It is easy to learn and for everyone who wants to explore the nature on a great way!


Join us on a guided tour and get your experience on snowshoes!

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