Hut to Hut trips

An unforgettable overnight stay high up in the mountains!

If you want to enjoy an unique experience in the mountains we can highly recommend a hut to hut tour. We strap the snowshoes on our feet and we head off to a great adventure. Our backpacks are packed with warm clothes for the night and some food for the day. On an admirable way up we enjoy the great scenery and the loneliness in the mountains. We reach our final destination, a mountain hut high up in the alpine environment, in the early afternoon. There is no guardian in the hut but your guides make sure that you have a comfortable stay. We heat up the place with a wood stove and cook some soup to warm up. Once we are installed in the place your guides indulge you with an excellent three course dinner freshly prepared on the stove. In great company we spend the evening in the hut with cool hut games and interesting stories. Of course we don’t miss all the great opportunities to take breathtaking photographies of the sunset over the mountains and the millions of stars in the sky. After a a cozy night in the hut your guides prepare you a rich breakfast before we head back down to the valley or enjoy a great snowshoe tour to the next hut in the wilderness!

Mountain Huts in the Alps

Our hut to hut adventures are suitable for everyone. It's a great adventure for a family with kids to spend a great weekend in the outdoors far away from the everyday life. For sure an event which will be remembered in the family album. A mountain hut is as well a great spot to celebrate a birthday party with your friends or to have an amazing time with your mates when you are celebrating your bachelor's party.


On a hut to hut tour we always use snowshoes to approach our destination. It usually takes us between two and three hours to reach the hut. For all those who would like to have an extended snowshoe experience we can always create a very nice and long  snowshoe trip to reach the overnight location. Of course we can hike for more than one or two days and create a proper multi-day hut to hut trip, for experienced hikers.

Great friends in the mountain huts during a homemade cheese fondue

A typical itinerary looks like:


Day 1

We pick you up at the meeting point or at your accommodation in the latter part of the morning. We take a short transfer with our minibus to the start-point of our adventure. After a short instruction we start our snowshoe hike up to the mountain hut where we will spend the night. Along the way your guides explain you a lot about the nature, the surrounding mountains and of course they can tell you some great and interesting stories about the area. Half-way up we are going to have a short break with some warm tea and a quick bite out of the lunch-pack which your guides prepared for you. As fresh as paint we continue the hike up to the refuge. After around two hours of hiking we will reach the hut and install our selves in the hut. There are many tasks to do and you can try everything you want. You can try to chop some firewood, you can start a fire in the wood burner, you can get some snow which we need to melt to get some water, you can help to cook, you can make the place cozy with candles and lights or you can simply relax and enjoy the great views and the nice atmosphere!

After a busy afternoon your guides indulge you with a great 3 course hut dinner. We can either cook a traditional and local dish or make a real cheese-fondue. We will spend the rest of the evening with gorgeous hut games before we go to bed.


Day 2

After a cozy night in the refuge we start the day early and enjoy a healthy breakfast with fresh coffee, tea and "The Guides Energy Porridge" before we head off to another great day in the mountains. Depending on your wishes we can hike back down to the valley or do a great snowshoe hike high up in the mountains before we head back down. Once we reached the minivan your guides will bring you back to your accommodation or the meeting point.

In the middle of the steep and snowy mountains

We offer our hut to hut adventures everywhere in the Alps. We are specialized in the French-Alps around the Chamonix Mont Blanc valley and the Swiss Alps like Glarnerland and Zermatt. Our absolute favourites are:


Pointe Percée - Refuge Gramusset

An extraordinary and authentic mountain hut just below the steep and impressive Pointe Percée. This remote refuge is an highlight and can be combined with a great snowshoe hike for beginners and advanced hikers.


Refuge Véran CAF Sallanches

This really well equipped winter hut with space for 27 people is considered as a really luxury and comfortable refuge. It is only 1500 meters above sea level but located in such a great spot that it is an absolute stunner. The easy and short approach make this tour suitable for everyone. The great surroundings around the hut offer many options to spend the afternoon. From an extended snowshoe hike to making an igloo, there is so much to explore!


Täsch Refuge Zermatt

In a remote Swiss valley, this hut is a hidden gem. Just below impressive 4000 meter peaks the hut is situated on an exposed rocky notch overlooking the whole valley. From Täsch or Täschalp we will hike up to this well equipped mountain hut which offers snowshoe hikes in high alpine terrain.


Leglerhütte Glarnerland

Covered in deep-snow this mountain hut is located in a remote an fairytale landscape high up in the Alps of Glarus. In the natural reserve of Mettmen we enjoy a long snowshoe hike in gorgeous terrain. Far away from crowds this alpine adventure is a perfect opportunity for experienced hikers to spend two great days in the nature. The Kärpf is an impressive peak next to the hut which offers great views over the Glarnerland valley and you can even see the high 4000 meter peaks in the west.

Snow crystals and snow flakes in the winter artshot

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