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Your safety is important for us!

Canyoning is a lot of fun but nevertheless it is an extreme sport with it’s risks. Our guides will brief you before every tour so you know what to expect. We will provide you with the right equipment (neoprene / wetsuit, socks, helmet and harness) and make sure the material is in good condition. Our guides obtain an extensive canyoning qualification and experience and they are also well trained in first aid and other important rescue skills. To join a canyoning trip you shouldn’t be afraid of heights and you should be able to swim! If you have any health problems please let us know before the trip.

Canyoning cliff jumping

We will pick you up at your accommodation in the Chamonix valley and provide you with the necessary equipment. Before we start our canyoning adventure your guide will give you a detailed briefing. He will explain you how to behave jumping, rappelling, swimming and sliding and how to use your equipment.  After the canyoning we will bring you back to your accommodation.


What to bring:

Please bring a swim suit to wear under the wet suit and a towel. You should bring a pair of sports shoes e.g. approaching shoes with a good sole which can get wet. If you have long hair please tie them together. Unless your camera is waterproof leave it at home. We will take some pictures and put them onto our server for you!


Full day tours, sporty & advanced

A full day tour usually takes between 4-6 hours. The approach can take up to 1 hour walking up a steep path. To participate in an advanced, full day tour you should have a good fitness level, no fear of heights or claustrophobia and you must be able to swim!


Annecy – Agnon Canyon

Highlight: 60 meter abseil, a few nice jumps, sightseeing in Annecy (swimming in the lake, historical town…)

Switzerland – Barberine Canyon

Highlight: 40 meter abseil, 7-10 meter jumps


Half day tours, fun & beginner

A half day tour usually takes between 2-3 hours. The approach will take up to 30 min. This tour is also suitable for kids (from 8 years) accompanied by their parents. To participate in a beginner tour you must be able to swim.


Canyon du Balme

Highlight: many fun toboggans and a 25 meter abseil

Switzerland - Barberine lower section

Highlight: 40 meter abseil, jumps, little slides

Canyining rappelling waterfall

You want to learn to go canyoning by yourself?

You already joined a few guided tours and you are addicted to canyoning? No problem, we can teach you the basics which include rope skills, how to evaluate water and other hazards so you will be prepared to do easy canyons on your own.


International Canyoning adventures

We offer exciting Canyoning weeks or weekends in some amazing places e.g. Tessin in Switzerland, Finale in Italy and Mallorca in Spain.

We organize your accommodation and catering in a great location and take you out on some great adventures!

We are happy to take individual requests! Please contact us for more information and prices!


Mallorca (Spain)

Mallorca is a paradise for canyoning enthusiasts! The best time to go is in Spring and Autumn as during the summer month the water level can by very low.

There are many amazing caves to explore and a special highlight is the Sa Fosca Canyon which is one of the top ten Canyons in the world! A great part of it is completely in the dark and after a long descent you will finish on a nice beach on the sea!


Finale (Italy)

Finale is a world famous spot for climbers but the Canyons in this region are simply amazing. Turquois, clear water, smooth limestone rock  and the traditional villages with its nice locals make it an unforgettable Canyoning experience.


Tessin (Switzerland)

The Italian speaking part of Switzerland is home for some of the best and most challenging Canyons in the world. The canyons are very aquatic and have incredible toboggans and very high jumps. Close to Bellinzona you have more the 100 opportunities for canyoning.

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